Workshop of NVivo software for qualitative research data analysis

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Practical steps on how to use the NVivo program to analyze qualitative research data

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Applied steps on published research
Explanations and applications in Arabic
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د. هبة خالد العدساني

خبير في البحث النوعي

NVivo is one of the most famous computer programs designed specifically for analyzing qualitative research data. It helps researchers store, manage, organize, analyze, and display qualitative research data in an easy and accessible way for the final stage of the research, which is writing and discussing the results. .

This is a series of lessons that includes practical steps that begin with introducing the program and how to download it to the computer, and ending with presenting the results, which are the main categories in qualitative research.

(All lessons and applied examples in Arabic)

Course Content
the introduction
What is NVivo, what are its benefits, and how do we use it to analyze qualitative research data? Watch More
Introduction to the NVivo program and the content of the lessons Watch More
Purchase and download NVivo software from the website
Download NVivo software
Introduction to the work surface in the program Introduction to Workplace
Sailing platform in work surface
Display menus on the work surface
Importing Files
Import files in different formats
Import files from social media sites
Initial coding of texts
Coding strips
Initial encoding of non-text media
Show encodings
Convert notations into categories
A copy of the research whose data I used to explain these lessons
Memos & Annotations
Query search feature
Search for texts
Visual presentations
Hierarchy chart
questions and answers

samiah ghamdi

24 مايو 2023
شرح رائع ووافي شكرا لك دكتوره استفدت منه فعلا جزاك الله خير

د. هبة خالد العدساني

18 يونيو 2023
مرحباً سمية،، أنا سعيدة أنك استفدت من هذه الدروس.. تمنياتي لك بالتوفيق ،،
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